We are training a group of Saudi men to build their own homes as preparation to creating a construction company in Saudi Arabia with all Saudi labor.

The challenge

Families in Albaydha live in very inadequate housing that is both unsafe & poses a significant financial burden to cover ongoing maintenance needs. With no baseline for family wellbeing & financial wellness, the community has no grounds for socio-economic development & growth.

A typical home in Al Baydha

The solution

The only approach is to co-create & co-decide with the community the design & construction of a masterplan that honor their identity & sense of community, while systemically tackling their chronic challenges. Only by building their own homes & community assets to live equitably will socio-economic prosperity be achieved.

Ghalab al Jahdali learning how
to build

Our aspiration

Housing is the catalyst for a thriving Albaydha. With a grounded new home that embodies community agency & respect, we want to witness families given a stronger chance at addressing their chronic needs & building for long-term well-being
& growth.

The Albaydha Development Company's headquarters, built by bedou with no previous construction experience.






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