Comprehensive development starts with people.  We recognize that relationships based on trust & cooperation are the foundation for creating sustainable economies & environments.

The challenge

Desertification has disrupted bedouin & nomadic life, forcing many to take on social welfare, seek out shark loans, and even leave their homelands. While traditional family structures remain strong, the sustainability of rural communities requires a fortified identity equipped with new capabilities & access to socio-economic opportunities.

The solution

We are employing able men & women to co-design, co-create, & co-own strategic construction & agroecological activities. Through fair employment that invests in local teams, men & women will develop skills & relationships that provide a way out of debt & welfare dependence, while strengthening community bonds.

Our aspiration

The Albaydha community deserves to thrive. Our aim is to incubate a comprehensive socio-economic development model that holistically addresses housing, infrastructure, government services, jobs, & environmental sustainability. Success is the point whereby the community exits their vicious cycle of poverty.

Free-grazing animals are a common sight in Albaydha

A workshop done by the Development Company to improve women's
sewing skills

A cut-away of the village plan

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